7 Tips How to Win a Slip and Fall Claim against Supermarkets such as "Tesco"

Wednesday July 7, 2010 at 6:22am

If you have suffered a fracture, back injuries or any other injury in a slip and fall accident at a supermarket such as Tesco you may be entitled to compensation.

For your claim to be successful, you will need to show that Tesco failed to take certain steps to prevent the accident.

In one case against Tesco, Mrs Ward was injured when she slipped and fell on some pink yoghurt which had been spilt on the floor of the supermarket. Mrs Ward won her claim and was awarded compensation.

Mrs Ward had been shopping at the Tesco supermarket in Smithdown Road, Liverpool when she suddenly slipped and fell on yoghurt hurting herself. It was not clear who to blame for the yoghurt spillage. It could have been another customer, or Tesco staff.

In Court, Tesco staff stated that they had spillages about ten times a week and that employees of Tesco had been instructed that if they saw any spillage on the floor they were to stay where the spill had taken place and call somebody to clear it up.

The Court concluded that the accident had occurred because Tesco had failed to take reasonable care in keeping the floor clean and clear of spillages and Mrs Ward was entitled to compensation for her injuries and loss.

Here are 7 Tips to help you win your slip and fall case against a supermarket:

• You should show that employees of a supermarket such as Tesco failed to take any reasonable care to see that you would be safe in using their supermarket as a customer.

• You should show that Tesco staff caused or allowed the shop floor to become or to remain slippery and a danger to you and other shoppers using the supermarket.

• You should prove by showing that Tesco staff caused or allowed the milk, water, yoghurt or other slippery substance to be present on the shop floor.

• You should show that employees of Tesco failed to cause the milk, water, yoghurt or other substance to be cleaned up and the floor dried.

• You should prove by showing that Tesco Managers failed to put in place or enforce any proper system for the inspection and cleaning of the floor.

• You should prove by showing that employees of Tesco failed to give you proper warning of the presence of the milk, water, yoghurt or other slippery substance on the floor.

• You should show that Tesco cleaners failed to place any barriers around the wet or moist area of floor where you slipped and fell.

This Guide was prepared by Balinda & Co to help you properly plan your slip and fall case against a supermarket such as Tesco.

Balinda & Co have many years experience and have helped a lot of people who have suffered slip and fall injuries to get compensation.

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